Programming Challenges Workshop

Programming Challenges Presentations

Programming Challenges
Application Requirements Session: July 27
  1. Bob Lucas - Exascale Programming Challenges.pdf file (772KB)
  2. Alice Koniges - Application Status and Needs on Emerging Platforms Abstract.pdf file (9.8MB)
  3. Richard Barrett - Preparing Multi-physics, Multi-scale Codes for Exascale HPC.pdf file (829KB)
  4. Sriram Swaminarayan - Exaflops, Petabytes, and Gigathreads... Oh my!.pdf file (316KB)
  5. Curtis Jansen - Exascale Programming Environments.pdf file (2.6MB)
State-of-the-Art Session I: July 27
  1. Vijay Saraswat - The Return of Logic.pdf file (556KB)
  2. Guy Blelloch - Nested Parallelism and Hierarchical Locality.pdf file (461KB)
  3. Mike Heroux - Next Generation Programming Environments: What We Need And Do Not Need.pdf file (631KB)
  4. Sung-Eun Choi - Data-Oriented Programming Models: A Foundation for the Exascale Era.pdf file (1.7MB)
  6. KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Jayadev Misra - The Challenge of Exascale.pdf file (229KB)
  8. John Shalf - Functional vs. Imperative Languages (Dataflow 2.0).pdf file (1.5MB)
  9. Richard Murphy - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love New Models of Computation.pdf file (2.7MB)
  10. Tim Mattson - Unintelligent Design for Asynchronous Exascale Systems.pdf file (523KB)
  11. Sriram Krishnamoorthy - (De)composable Abstractions for a Changing Architectural Landscape.pdf file (744KB)
State-of-the-Art Session II: July 28
  1. Kathy Yelick - To Virtualize or Not to Virtualize.pdf file (1.9MB)
  2. Keshav Pingali - Why Compilers Have Failed And What We Can Do About It.pdf file (338KB)
  3. Richard Lethin - Reconceptualizing to Unshackle Programmers from the Burden of Exascale Hardware Issues.pdf file (1.8MB)
  4. Sanjay Kale - Composable And Modular Exascale Programming Models With Intelligent Runtime Systems.pdf file (1.1MB)
  5. Pavan Balaji - Evolutionary Support for Revolutionary Programming Models and Runtime Systems.pdf file (290KB)
  7. KEYNOTE ADDRESS: George Almasi - PGAS Languages In The Exascale Era.pdf file (120KB)
  9. Saman Amarasinghe - Why Has Compilers failed To Help Parallel Programmers.pdf file (171KB)
  10. Vivek Sarkar - Programming Constructs for Exascale Systems and Their Implementation Challenges.pdf file (20.6MB)
  11. John Mellor-Crummey - Lessons From The Past, Challenges Ahead, And A Path Forward.pdf file (1.2MB)
  12. Dan Quinlan - Challenges for Compiler Support for Exascale Computing.pdf file (528KB)
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