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X-Stack Software Research

X-Stack Software Research

The X-Stack Software Research call for proposals was issued January, 29, 2010 and closed April 2, 2010.  Eleven projects were awarded funding for a total of $8.5 million per year.

The following proposals were selected for funding:

An Open Integrated Software Stack for Extreme Scale Computing .pdf file (243KB)

 • Argonne National Laboratories; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Sandia National Laboratories, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Auto-tuning for Performance and Productivity on Extreme-scale ComputationsExternal link

 • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; University of California, Santa Barbara; Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Compiled MPI: Cost-Effective Exascale Application Development.pdf file (276KB)

 • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Indiana University; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

COMPOSE-HPC: Software Composition for Extreme Scale Computational Science and Engineering.pdf file (73KB)

 • Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Galois, Inc.; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Sandia National Laboratories

Damsel: A Data Model Storage Library for Exascale Science.pdf file (1.1MB)

 • Northwestern University; Argonne National Laboratory; North Carolina State University; The HDF Group

Enabling Exascale Hardware and Software Design through Scalable System Virtualization.pdf file (955KB)

 • University of New Mexico; Northwestern University; Sandia National Laboratories; Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ExM: System support for extreme-scale, many-task applications.pdf file (3.0MB)

 • Argonne National Laboratory; University of Chicago; University of British Columbia

FOX: Fault-oblivious Extreme-scale Execution Environment.pdf file (599KB)

 • Sandia National Laboratories; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Ohio State University; IBM Research; Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs; Boston University

Software Synthesis for High Productivity ExaScaleComputing.pdf file (48KB)

 • Massachusetts Institute of Technology; University of California Berkeley

Vancouver: Designing a Next-Generation Software Infrastructure for Productive Heterogeneous Exascale Computing.pdf file (1.6MB)

 • Oak Ridge National Laboratory; University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; University of Oregon; Georgia Institute of Technology

ZettaBricks: A Language, Compiler and Runtime Environment for Anyscale Computing.pdf file (149KB)

 • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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