Office of Biological and Environmental Research
Dr. Sharlene Weatherwax, Associate Director
Phone: 301-903-3251
Fax: 301-903-5051

Climate and Environmental Sciences Division
Dr. Gary Geernaert, Director
Biological Systems Science Division
Dr. Todd Anderson, Director

BER Program Contacts

Mailing Address:

SC-23, Germantown Building
U.S. Department of Energy;
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20585-1290

Location, address for express mail & packages:

SC-23, U.S. Department of Energy
19901 Germantown Road
Germantown, MD 20874-1290

Associate Director Office Staff Contacts
Name Title Phone Ext. Email
Mr. Michael Riches Senior Technical Advisor 301-903-3264 mike.riches@science.doe.gov
Dr. Tristram West Senior Technical Advisor 301-903-5155 tristram.west@science.doe.gov
Ms. Leslie Madison Program Analyst - CESD 301-903-9135 leslie.madison@science.doe.gov
Ms. Terry Lagana Program Support Assistant 301-903-3213 terry.lagana@science.doe.gov
Ms. Nver Mekerdijian Contractor 301-903-3281 nver.mekerdijian@science.doe.gov

Climate and Environmental Sciences Division
Dr. Gary Geernaert, Director
Phone: 301-903-4775
Fax: 301-903-8519
Staff Members Phone Number Email
Mr. Andrew Flatness 301-903-0488 andrew.flatness@science.doe.gov
Mr. Paul Bayer 301-903-5324 paul.bayer@science.doe.gov
Dr. Justin Hnilo 301-903-1399 justin.hnilo@science.doe.gov
Dr. Renu Joseph 301-903-9237 renu.joseph@science.doe.gov
Dr. Dorothy Koch 301-903-0105 dorothy.koch@science.doe.gov
Dr. Michael Kuperberg* 301-903-3511 michael.kuperberg@science.doe.gov
Dr. David Lesmes 301-903-2977 david.lesmes@science.doe.gov
Dr. Shaima Nasiri 301-903-0207 shaima.nasiri@science.doe.gov
Dr. Sally McFarlane 301-903-0943 sally.mcfarlane@science.doe.gov
Mr. Rickey Petty 301-903-5548 rick.petty@science.doe.gov
Dr. Daniel Stover 301-903-0289 daniel.stover@science.doe.gov
Mr. Bob Vallario 301-903-5758 bob.vallario@science.doe.gov

*Currently on detail to the Office of Science and Technology Policy

Biological Systems Science Division
Dr. Todd Anderson, Director
Phone: 301-903-5469
Fax: 301-903-0567
Staff Members Phone Number Email
Ms. Meredith Rutledge 301-903-0088 meredith.rutledge@science.doe.gov
Dr. Dawn Adin 301-903-0570 dawn.adin@science.doe.gov
Dr. Daniel Drell 301-903-4742 daniel.drell@science.doe.gov
Dr. Ramana Madupu 301-903-1398 ramana.madupu@science.doe.gov
Dr. Kent Peters 301-903-5549 kent.peters@science.doe.gov
Dr. Pablo Rabinowicz 301-903-0379 pablo.rabinowicz@science.doe.gov
Dr. Cathy Ronning 301-903-9549 catherine.ronning@science.doe.gov
Dr. Seema Singh** 301-903-1678 seema.singh@science.doe.gov
Dr. Prem Srivastava 301-903-4071 prem.srivastava@science.doe.gov
Dr. Amy Swain 301-903-1828 amy.swain@science.doe.gov
Ms. Elizabeth (Libby) White 301-903-7693 elizabeth.white@science.doe.gov

**Currently on detail to BER from Sandia National Laboratory

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