Office of Biological and Environmental Research
Dr. Sharlene Weatherwax, Associate Director

Climate and Environmental Sciences Division
Dr. Gary Geernaert, Director
Biological Systems Science Division
Dr. Todd Anderson, Director

BER Program Contacts

Mailing Address:

SC-23, Germantown Building
U.S. Department of Energy;
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20585-1290

Location, address for express mail & packages:

SC-23, U.S. Department of Energy
19901 Germantown Road
Germantown, MD 20874-1290

Associate Director Office Staff Contacts
Name Title Phone Ext. Email
Mr. Michael Riches Senior Technical Advisor 301-903-3264 mike.riches@science.doe.gov
Dr. Tristram West Senior Technical Advisor 301-903-5155 tristram.west@science.doe.gov
Ms. Joanne Corcoran Program Analyst - BSSD 301-903-6488 joanne.corcoran@science.doe.gov
Ms. Leslie Madison Program Analyst - CESD 301-903-9135 leslie.madison@science.doe.gov
Ms. Terry Lagana Program Support Assistant 301-903-3213 terry.lagana@science.doe.gov
Ms. Nver Mekerdijian Contractor 301-903-3281 nver.mekerdijian@science.doe.gov

Climate and Environmental Sciences Division
Dr. Gary Geernaert, Director
Phone: 301-903-4775
Fax: 301-903-8519
Staff Members Phone Number Email
Mr. Andrew Flatness 301-903-0488 andrew.flatness@science.doe.gov
Mr. Paul Bayer 301-903-5324 paul.bayer@science.doe.gov
Dr. Justin Hnilo 301-903-1399 justin.hnilo@science.doe.gov
Dr. Renu Joseph 301-903-9237 renu.joseph@science.doe.gov
Dr. Dorothy Koch 301-903-0105 dorothy.koch@science.doe.gov
Dr. Michael Kuperberg 301-903-3511 michael.kuperberg@science.doe.gov
Dr. David Lesmes 301-903-2977 david.lesmes@science.doe.gov
Dr. Shaima.Nasiri 301-903-0207 shaima.nasiri@science.doe.gov
Dr. Sally McFarlane 301-903-0943 sally.mcfarlane@science.doe.gov
Mr. Rickey Petty 301-903-5548 rick.petty@science.doe.gov
Dr. Daniel Stover 301-903-0289 daniel.stover@science.doe.gov
Mr. Bob Vallario 301-903-5758 bob.vallario@science.doe.gov
Dr. Ashley Williamson 301-903-3120 ashley.williamson@science.doe.gov

Biological Systems Science Division
Dr. Todd Anderson, Director
Phone: 301-903-5469
Fax: 301-903-0567
Staff Members Phone Number Email
Ms. Meredith Rutledge 301-903-0088 meredith.rutledge@science.doe.gov
Dr. Dawn Adin 301-903-0570 dawn.adin@science.doe.gov
Dr. Daniel Drell 301-903-4742 daniel.drell@science.doe.gov
Dr. Roland Hirsch 301-903-9009 roland.hirsch@science.doe.gov
Dr. Ramana Madupu 301-903-1398 ramana.madupu@science.doe.gov
Dr. Kent Peters 301-903-5549 kent.peters@science.doe.gov
Dr. Pablo Rabinowicz 301-903-0379 pablo.rabinowicz@science.doe.gov
Dr. Cathy Ronning 301-903-9549 catherine.ronning@science.doe.gov
Dr. Prem Srivastava 301-903-4071 prem.srivastava@science.doe.gov
Dr. Amy Swain 301-903-1828 amy.swain@science.doe.gov
Ms. Elizabeth (Libby) White 301-903-7693 elizabeth.white@science.doe.gov
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