BERAC Meeting February 18 - 19, 2009 North Bethesda, MD

Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee Meeting
February 18-19, 2009
North Bethesda, MD

Meeting Agenda.pdf file (9KB)


Anna Palmisano.ppt file (11.7MB), State of BER

Sharlene Weatherwax.ppt file (8.7MB), Biological Systems Science Division Update

Wanda Ferrell.ppt file (16.9MB), Climate and Environmental Sciences Division Update

Jeff Amthor, Report on the Climate Change Research Strategic Plan

Sharlene Weatherwax.ppt file (55KB), BER Response to Life & Medical Sciences Division Committee of Visitors Report

Martin Keller.ppt file (39.8MB), The BioEnergy Science Center: Initial Results in Overcoming Biomass Recalcitrance

John Houghton.ppt file (1.1MB), Sustainability of Biofuels Workshop and Report

Prem Srivastava.ppt file (1.8MB), Radiochemistry and Imaging

Warren Washington.ppt file (4.3MB), Extreme Scale Computing Workshop Report

Wanda Ferrell.pdf file (3.2MB), ARM Science and ARM Facilities

Eddy Rubin.pdf file (1.4MB), JGI Strategic Planning Report

Tim Killeen.ppt file (28.6MB), Geosciences, National Science Foundation

Anna Palmisano.ppt file (11.7MB), 20-Year Planning Horizon

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