BERAC Meeting March 9-11, 2011 Washington, DC

BERAC Meeting
March 9-10, 2011
Washington, DC

Agenda .pdf file (7KB)


Warren Washington.pptx file (29.0MB), The Present and Future of Climate Modeling

William Brinkman.pptx file (25.3MB), Office of Science Report

Sharlene Weatherwax.pdf file (446KB), State of BER Report

Paul Bryan.pptx file (2.4MB), Activities in DOE's Office of Biomass Programs

Gary Geernaert.pptx file (8.3MB), Climate and Environmental Sciences Division Update

Sharlene Weatherwax.pdf file (1.1MB), Biological Systems Science Division Update

Todd Anderson.pptx file (3.3MB), CESD COV Response

Sharlene Weatherwax.pdf file (141KB), Long Term Vision Response

Eddy Rubin.ppt file (28.2MB), JGI Update and Strategic Planning

Minghua Zhang.pptx file (2.5MB), ARM Review

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