BERAC Meeting April 29-30, 2004 Washington DC

BERAC Meeting April 29-30, 2004
Washington, DC

Agenda.pdf file (15KB)


Ray Orbach.ppt file (1.5MB)

Ari Patrinos.ppt file (72.2MB), The State of BER

Jill Banfield.ppt file (20.5MB), Structure, Reactivity, and Behavior of Nanoparticles in the Environment

Steve Larson.ppt file (420KB), Radiopharmaceutical Subcommittee Report

Joel Parriott/Bill Valdez.ppt file (710KB), Program Plans and Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) Roadmaps

Ari Patrinos.ppt file (4.4MB), Definition of an Operating Hour at Facilities

Jeremy Berg.ppt file (13.5MB), NIGMS and the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research

Gene Bierly.ppt file (289KB), A Reconfigured Atmospheric Science Program

Gene Bierly.ppt file (37KB), Committee of Visitors, Climate Change Research Division

John Houghton.ppt file (1.2MB), DOE Genomics:GTL Roadmap

Marvin Frazier.ppt file (63KB), BER Distinguished Scientist Fellowship Award

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