BERAC Meeting May 14-15, 2007 North Bethesda, MD

BERAC Meeting
May 14-15, 2007
North Bethesda, MD


Agenda.pdf file (10KB)


Joyce Penner.ppt file (74KB), Report on ARM Facilities Charge

William Pizer.pdf file (292KB), Report on Integrated Assessment Charge

John Ferrell.ppt file (2.7MB), Report on DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Biomass Program

Paul Vaska.ppt file (23.6MB), Science Talk, Advances in Instrumentation for Small-Animal PET Imaging

Mike Viola.ppt file (2.3MB), State of BER

Eddy Rubin.ppt file (9.9MB), JGI Update
Rick Stevens.ppt file (3.7MB), Creating the Genomic Encyclopedia for Bacteria and Archaea

Chris Somerville.ppt file (4.7MB), The Energy Biosciences Institute

Don Wuebbles.ppt file (525KB), Report on the CCRD COV Review

John Wooley, Rick Stevens.ppt file (16KB), Interim Report on the Status of Joint ASCR-BERAC on ASCR PART Metric for GTL

Ray Orbach, Selection Process for the DOE Bioenergy Research Centers.ppt file (1.5MB), Recruiting an Associate Director of Science for Biological and Environmental Research.ppt file (1.6MB), Transformational Science for Energy and the Environment.ppt file (5.0MB)

Mike Viola, Life and Medical Sciences Division

Jerry Elwood.ppt file (334KB), Climate Change Research Division

Mike Kuperberg.ppt file (12.7MB), Environmental Remediation Sciences Division

John Zachara.ppt file (13.0MB), Science Talk, Biogeochemistry of Technetium

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