BERAC Meeting May 19-20, 2008 Hilton Hotel Gaithersburg, MD

BERAC Meeting
May 19-20, 2008
Hilton Hotel Gaithersburg, MD


Agenda.pdf file (17KB)


Mike Hochella.ppt file (388KB), Environmental Remediation Sciences Division Committee of Visitors Report

Jim Adelstein.ppt file (1.1MB), Report on the Low Dose Radiation Research Program

Himadri Pakrasi.ppt file (22.3MB), Science Talk, Membrane Biology Grand Challenge

Jeff Amthor.ppt file (11.7MB), Update on BER Program for Ecosystems Research

Paul Hanson.ppt file (3.6MB), Workshop Report on Next Generation of Climatic Change Ecosystem Experiments After the FACE Studies

Susan Gregurick.ppt file (9.1MB), Genomics:GTL Data Sharing Policy.pdf file (54KB)

Christine Chalk.ppt file (48KB), Update on Joint Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee/Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee GTL Charge

Anna Palmisano.ppt file (3.4MB), The State of BER

Joe Graber.ppt file (2.8MB), Report on BER Carbon Cycling and Cargon Sequestration Workshop

Robert Dickinson.ppt file (132KB), Report on BERAC workshop on Future Directions of Climate Change Research

Mike Kuperberg.ppt file (11.3MB), Climate Change Research Division

Paul Bayer.ppt file (44.8MB), Environmental Remediation Sciences Division

David Thomassen.ppt file (6.2MB), Life and Medical Sciences Division

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