BERAC Meeting July 10-11, 2006 Washington, DC

BERAC Meeting
July 10-11, 2006
Washington, DC

Agenda.pdf file (14KB)


James Tiedje.ppt file (123KB), Discussion of Final Report of the BERAC Review of the JGI

Jim Bristow.ppt file (2.8MB), JGI, Progress in addressing BERAC Recommendations

Jeff Gaffney.pdf file (6.6MB), ANL, Reconfigured Atmospheric Science Program and the 2006 Mexico City Campaign

David Thomassen.ppt file (119KB), State of BER

Mike Kuperberg.ppt file (9.8MB), Introduction to EMSL

James Tiedje.ppt file (595KB), Report of the BERAC Review of EMSL

Allison Campbell.ppt file (3.9MB), EMSL, Response to BERAC Review and EMSL Dashboard

David Thomassen.ppt file (62KB) and Christine Chalk.ppt file (373KB), BERAC Discussion of Strategy to Assess BER's Progress toward achieving BER's Long Term Measures

Chris Somerville.ppt file (19.9MB), Biofuels and the Biofuels Workshop Report

Mike Viola.ppt file (1.3MB), Life and Medical Sciences Division Update

Jerry Elwood.ppt file (99KB), Climate Change Research Division Update

Mike Kuperberg.ppt file (11.1MB), Environmental Remediation Sciences Division Update

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