BERAC Meeting September 5 2008 Gaithersburg MD

September 5, 2008
Arlington, VA



Peg Riley.ppt file (357KB), Life and Medical Sciences Division Committee of Visitors Report

Patricia Dehmer.ppt file (2.6MB), Report from the Office of Science

Todd Anderson.ppt file (1.2MB), Scientific Focus Area (SFA) Rollout & Discussion

Robert Dickinson.ppt file (6.1MB), Report on Climate Research Grand Challenges

Mike Kuperberg.ppt file (975KB), Climate & Environmental Sciences Division Strategic Planning Retreat Discussion

Anjuli Bamzai.ppt file (360KB), Overview of Climate Synthesis & Assessment Reports

Anna Palmisano.ppt file (14.1MB), The State of BER

Mike Kuperberg.ppt file (8.2MB), Climate and Environmental Sciences Division Update

Roland Hirsch.ppt file (2.6MB), Biological Systems Science Division Update

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