BERAC Meeting, October 6-7, 2011, Rockville, MD

BERAC Meeting
October 6-7, 2011
Rockville, MD

Agenda.docx file (13KB) 


Sharlene Weatherwax, State of BER Report.pptx file (2.0MB)

Gary Geernaert, Climate and Environmental Sciences Division Update.pptx file (24.0MB)

Todd Anderson, Biological Systems Science Division Update .pptx file (8.0MB)

Susan Hubbard, Science Talk – Geophysical Signatures of Subsurface Microbially-Mediated Processes: Toward Quantification of In-Situ Ecosystem Functioning.pptm file (71.8MB)

William Brinkman, Comments from the Director, Office of Science.pptx file (90KB)

Dan Bush, BSSD COV report.pptx file (79KB)

Dan Hitchcock, ASCR Overview.pptx file (7.1MB)

Roland Hirsch, Structural Biology Report.pptx file (2.7MB)

Pablo Rabinowicz, Biosystems Design Report.pptx file (7.0MB)

Wanda Ferrell (report presented by Dorothy Koch), GoAmazon Report.pptx file (4.9MB)

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