BERAC Meeting December 5-6, 2005 Washington, DC

BERAC Meeting
December 5-6, 2005
Washington, DC

Agenda.pdf file (14KB)


Mike Kuperberg.ppt file (68KB) and Andy Felmy.ppt file (9.8MB), EMSL Update: Reviews, Action Plan & Progress

Ari Patrinos.ppt file (80KB), State of BER

Warren Washington.ppt file (152KB), Discussion of the TCCRP subcommittee Report

George Sgouros.pdf file (42KB), SNM, Public Comment

Dan Hitchcock.ppt file (848KB), Dinner Talk, High Performance Computing Challenges and Opportunities

BERAC Program Updates toward long term performance goals --

David Thomassen.ppt file (55KB), Life Sciences Division

Jerry Elwood.ppt file (8.7MB), Climate Change Research Division

Mike Kuperberg.ppt file (622KB), Environmental Remediation Sciences Division

Mike Viola, Medical Sciences Division

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