BERAC Meeting, February 16-17, 2012, Washington, DC

BERAC Meeting
February 16-17, 2012
Washington, DC

Agenda.pdf file (25KB) 


William Brinkman, Comments from the Director, Office of Science.pdf file (24.4MB)

Sharlene Weatherwax, State of BER Report.pdf file (4.3MB)

Eddy Rubin, Joint Genome Institute Update.ppt file (18.0MB)

Allison Campbell, Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) Update.pdf file (17.8MB)

Adam Arkin, Knowledgebase Discussion.pdf file (8.9MB)

Harriett Kung, Basic Energy Sciences.pdf file (6.2MB)

Gary Geernaert, Climate and Environmental Sciences Division Update.pdf file (2.0MB)

Susan Gregurick, Biological Systems Science Division Update.pdf file (1.6MB)

Judith Curry, Science Talk - What Can We Learn from Climate Models?.pdf file (2.2MB)

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