Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee
June 27-28, 2013

June 27-28, at the Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center

Agenda.pdf file (25KB)


Sharlene Weatherwax.pdf file (1.1MB) – Office of Biological and Environmental Research Update

Gary Geernaert.pdf file (1.5MB) - Climate & Environmental Sciences Division Update

Todd Anderson.pdf file (3.6MB) - Biological Systems Science Division Update

Bill Schlesinger.pdf file (5.5MB) - “Chasing Atoms in the Global Nitrogen Cycle”

Ed Synakowski.pdf file (3.7MB) - Office of Fusion Energy Science

Tom Armstrong.pdf file (358KB) - U.S. Global Change Research Program

Jim Mather .pdf file (6.2MB)- ARM Climate Research User Facility update

Laura Biven.pdf file (248KB) - Office of Science Digital Data Policy Update

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