Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee
March 03-04, 2014

Agenda.pdf file (21KB)


Sharlene Weatherwax.pdf file (1.3MB) - Office of Biological and Environmental Research Update

Todd Anderson.pdf file (2.2MB) - Biological Systems Science Division Update

Gary Geernaert.pdf file (3.9MB) - Climate and Environmental Sciences Division Update

James Hack.pdf file (5.2MB) - Some Climate and Computing Challenges and Opportunities on the Path to Exascale

Gary Geernaert.pdf file (101KB) - BER Response to the CESD COV Report

Allison Campbell.pdf file (8.0MB) - EMSL update

Victoria Orphan - Space, The Final Frontier: Quantifying How Uncultured Cells Experience Their Microbial Neighborhood During Cooperative Methane-Oxidation

Jonathan Male.pdf file (4.8MB) - Bioenergy Technologies Office
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