Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee (BERAC)
November 2-3, 2017

Agenda.pdf file (270KB)
Dr. Steve Binkley.pdf file (215KB),
Acting Director
News from the Office of Science
Dr. Sharlene Weatherwax.pdf file (1.4MB), Associate Director   News from BER
Dr. Gary Geernaert.pdf file (2.6MB) News from Climate & Environmental Sciences Division
Dr. Todd Anderson.pdf file (3.2MB) News from Biological Systems Science Division  
Dr. Andrzej Joachimiak.pdf file (1.7MB) (ANL) Report from BSSD COV
BSSD COV Draft Report.pdf file (1.2MB)
Dr. Minghua Zhang.pdf file (3.3MB) (Stony Brook University) BERAC Science Talk: Predicting Extreme Climate with Earth System Models: A Top-Down Look at the Southern Great Plain   
Dr. Jim Mather.pdf file (3.5MB) (PNNL) Facility update: ARM
Dr. Celine Bonfils.pdf file (3.1MB) (LLNL) Early Career Science Talk: Detection and Attribution of Regional Climate Change with a Focus on the Precursors of Droughts
Dr. Gary Stacey    Review, Discussion, and Vote on Grand Challenges Report
Grand Challenges Draft Report.pdf file (7.8MB)
Dr. Doug Kothe.pdf file (5.3MB) (ORNL)    Briefing: Exascale Computing Project
Dr. Mary Maxon.pdf file (1.3MB) (LBNL) 

Briefing: Council of Competitiveness Workshop: Advancing US Bioscience

Dr. Cathy Ronning.pdf file (770KB) (BER)   Briefing: Plant Genome Interagency Working Group 

Dr. Angela Records.pdf file (481KB) (USAID) 

Briefing: Microbiome Interagency Working Group

Introduction and talks from new Bioenergy Research Center Directors 

Keasling, Jay D..pdf file (1.6MB) (LBNL)

Joint Bioenergy Center (JBEI)

Jerry Tuskan.pdf file (1.5MB) (ORNL)

Center for Bioenergy Innovation (CBI)

Steve Long.pdf file (4.0MB)
for Evan DeLucia
Center for Advanced Biofuel and Bioproduct Innovation (CABBI), Illinois University
Tim Donohue.pdf file (3.7MB)

Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC), University of Wisconsin

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