Biological Systems Science Division (BSSD)

The Biological Systems Science Division supports a diverse portfolio of fundamental research and technology development to achieve a predictive systems-level understanding of complex biological systems to advance DOE missions in energy and the environment. By integrating genome science with advanced computational and experimental approaches, the Division seeks to gain a predictive understanding of living systems, from microbes and microbial communities to plants and other whole organisms. This foundational knowledge serves as the basis for the confident redesign of microbes and plants for sustainable biofuel production, improved carbon storage and contaminant remediation. Specific areas of research include:

Genomic Science

  • Genomic Science Program - Supports fundamental systems biology research aimed at identifying the foundational principles that drive biological systems relevant to DOE missions in energy, climate, and the environment. The major objective of the program is to achieve sufficient understanding of the fundamental design rules and dynamic network properties of plants, microbes, and communities to develop predictive computational models of biological systems and tools for rational biosystems design.
  • DOE Bioenergy Research Centers - Fundamental, multidisciplinary research centers integrating systems biology research on microbes and plants, high throughput analytical platforms, and synthetic biology approaches to achieve transformational science breakthroughs and enable the sustainable development of next-generation biofuels from lignocellulosic biomass.

Bioimaging Technology

Supports fundamental research to develop novel in situ, dynamic and nondestructive approaches to enable multifunctional imaging and integrative analysis of bioenergy-relevant plant and microbial systems relevant to DOE’s energy and environmental missions.

Biological Systems Facilities and Infrastructure

  • DOE Joint Genome Institute to advance genomics in support of the DOE missions in energy, climate, and environment.
  • Structural Biology - to develop and support DOE national user facilities for use in fundamental structural biology.

Radiological Sciences

DOE Human Subjects Protection Program

Ensure compliance with Federal regulations and DOE Orders to protect human subjects. All research conducted at DOE, supported with DOE funds, or performed by DOE employees must comply.

For additional information about these specific programs, please contact an appropriate staff member.

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