Germantown Natural History

Photos of AEC Site Under Construction

 Photos of AEC Site Under Construction

 Farm Site

 1955 aerial photograph of the farm site that was selected for construction of the AEC's headquarters building. This 109-acre site was located at the junction of Maryland State Route 118 (the road running horizontally) and the Washington National Pike, Route 240 (the road running vertically), near Germantown, Maryland. The drumstick-shaped wooded area near the bottom right of the photo, next to Route 240, is the forest through which the Glenn Seaborg Trail now runs, that was the subject of a forest survey during the summer of 2000. Photo courtesy of the Montgomery County Historical Society, Rockville, Maryland

AEC Construction Site

View of the AEC Germantown building under construction in 1956-1957, looking north. The site was located in farm country at the intersection of US. Route 240, now Interstate 270, (that runs from the upper left to the right) and MD Route 118 (Germantown Road). Construction activities were confined primarliy to the center of the farm site and did not interfere substantially with the wooded areas around the periphery. This allowed the forest that now contains the Seaborg Trail to survive intact.

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