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10.17.18Science Highlight

Shining Light on the Separation of Rare Earth Metals

New studies identify key molecular characteristics to potentially separate rare earth metals cleanly and efficiently with light. Read More »

10.17.18Science Highlight

How to Make Soot and Stardust

Scientists unlock mystery that could help reduce emissions of fine particles from combustion engines and other sources. Read More »

10.16.18Science Highlight

Placing Atoms for Optimum Catalysts

Precise positioning of oxygens could help engineer faster, more efficient energy-relevant chemical transformations. Read More »

Water Plays Unexpected Role in Forming Minerals09.15.18Science Highlight

Water Plays Unexpected Role in Forming Minerals

Water molecules line up tiny particles to attach and form minerals; understanding how this happens impacts energy extraction and storage along with waste disposal. Read More »

Protactinium and Its Periodic Intersection08.27.18Science Highlight

Protactinium and Its Periodic Intersection

The element’s unusual electron structure and behavior are vital to understanding and exploiting the chemical bonding and reactivity of the heavy elements. Read More »

Riding the Wave of Liquid:Liquid Interfaces08.27.18Science Highlight

Riding the Wave of Liquid:Liquid Interfaces

Crests of watery waves breaking in oil may be the gatekeepers to transport vital chemicals in industrial separation process. Read More »

Changing the Surroundings Improves Catalysis05.30.18Science Highlight

Changing the Surroundings Improves Catalysis

Water changes how cobalt-based molecule turns carbon dioxide into chemical feedstock. Read More »

Not Part of the Problem03.09.18Science Highlight

It’s Not Part of the Problem, but Part of the Solution

Americium(III) is selectively and efficiently separated from europium(III) by an extractant in an ionic liquid. Read More »

Researchers Decipher the Structure of a Bacterial Microcompartment 02.28.18Science Highlight

Researchers Decipher the Structure of a Bacterial Microcompartment

Understanding assembly principles may inspire new approaches for making valuable products. Read More »

02.16.18Science Highlight

Tuning Quantum Light Sources

First known material capable of emitting single photons at room temperature and telecom wavelengths. Read More »

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