Research Areas

Chemical Transformations

Research themes include the characterization, control, and optimization of chemistry in many forms. Catalysis science underpins the design of new catalytic methods for the clean and efficient production of fuels and chemicals and emphasizes inorganic and organic complexes; interfacial chemistry, nanostructured and supramolecular catalysts, photocatalysis and electrochemistry, and bio-inspired catalytic processes. Heavy element chemistry focuses on the spectroscopy, bonding, and reactivity of actinides and fission products. Complementary research on chemical separations focuses on the use of nanoscale membranes and the development of novel metal-adduct complexes. Chemical analysis research emphasizes laser-based and ionization techniques for molecular detection, particularly the development of chemical imaging techniques. Geosciences research covers analytical and physical geochemistry, rock-fluid interactions, and flow/transport phenomena.

For more information about these research areas, please contact the Team Lead, Dr. Raul Miranda.

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