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Mimicking Nature - A Step Towards Artificial Photosynthesis

Photosynthetic bacteria are inspiring design of light harvesting antenna.
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Purple Bacteria Develops Its Own Form of "Sunscreen"

Targeting pigments to protect against light damage may aid design of new light harvesting systems.
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Design of Bulk Nanocomposites as High Efficiency Thermoelectric Materials

A newly synthesized bulk thermoelectric material that contains nanocrystals with the same orientation and structure as the host material breaks thermoelectric efficiency records by blocking thermal, but not electrical, conductivity.
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High–Power Electrodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Novel 3-D anode design holds more charge and delivers it faster than conventional lithium-ion anodes while maintaining mechanical stability.
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Radiation Resistant Foams

Experiments and computer simulations demonstrate that nanoscale gold foams can be designed for radiation resistance.
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Self-Healing of Structural Damage to Restore Performance of Electrical Circuits

Liquid-metal-filled microcapsules extend lifetime and reliability of electronic devices by targeting damage and restoring conductive pathways.
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Tuning Pore Size to Enhance the Capacitance of Supercapacitors

Simulations predict that matching the pore size with the electrolyte ion size will allow nanoporous supercapacitors to store more charge.

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Understanding Drooping Light Emitting Diodes CEEM

Calculations reveal that upper limits to LED light intensity are caused by multi-particle interactions.
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Solvent Vapor03.11.11

Optimizing Photovoltaic Materials One Molecule at a Time

Recent single molecule studies reveal that a simple polymer processing technique can effectively control the conformation of individual polymer chains in photovoltaic materials. Read More »

jpg image, 3754 bytes01.19.11

The Twists and Turns of Battery Charging

The first ever real time movie of lithium ions charging a nano-sized battery may enable researchers to design safer, longer lasting, and more powerful batteries. Read More »

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