EFRCs Launched

August 6, 2009 :: Funding of the 46 EFRC awards that were announced in April is now complete following the conclusion of negotiations between DOE and each of the EFRC home institutions on the terms and conditions of the grants (DOE press release). Of the 46 EFRCs, DOE plans to fund 30 annually for five years at a total cost per year of $100 million, and 16 are forward-funded for the full five-year award period with $277 million of Recovery Act funds. In all, DOE has delivered $377 million to the EFRCs in Fiscal Year 2009. The EFRC program represents a planned DOE commitment of $777 million over five years. A complete list of the 46 EFRCs and their funding amounts is available here.pdf file (38KB).
Last modified: 3/27/2013 12:23:33 PM