How to Apply

DOE EPSCoR sponsors or participates in three types of Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA). These FOA types are : (1) EPSCoR Implementation Grants, (2) EPSCoR-State/National Laboratory Partnership Grants, and (3) DOE Office of Science Early Career Awards.

Application Procedures: All DOE EPSCoR and DOE Office of Science FOAs are available on the DOE Office of Science Grants and Contracts web site and the grants.govExternal link website. This includes open Notices that announce competition for new funding as well as past Notices that are now closed. When preapplications are required (for example, some recent FOAs for EPSCoR-State/National Laboratory Partnership Grants have required pre-applications), the DOE FOA will provide additional instructions and submission information. 

General Information and Investigator Eligibility Criteria:

(1) Implementation Grants

  • Implementation Grants are awarded for a three year initial period and funding may be renewed once for a period of up to three additional years. Subsequent funding is at the discretion of the relevant program at DOE and their competitive application process.
  • Funding for Implementation Grants may range up to $2,500,000 per year. No state matching funds are required.
  • There used to be a limit of only one active Implementation Grant per state or territory at a time. As this limitation has been removed, any EPSCoR jurisdiction with a currently funded Implementation Grant or Grants may apply when there is an open FOA for Implementation Grants.
  • A Principal Investigator (PI) on current multi-investigator DOE grants or cooperative agreement is not eligible to serve as a PI on an Implementation Grant application. Co-Investigators on current DOE multi-investigator grants or cooperative agreements may serve as PIs or as co-investigators on Implementation Grant proposals. PIs or co-investigators on current or former DOE EPSCoR State -- National Laboratory partnership grants are also welcome to apply as PIs on Implementation Grant proposals.
  • All project funds will be awarded to entities within the EPSCoR jurisdictions. While DOE EPSCoR funding will not be provided to Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) nor awarded to non-EPSCoR jurisdictions, consulting and other arrangements with FFRDCs for necessary expertise may be used on a limited basis.
  • Collaborations between EPSCoR jurisdictions on Implementation Grant applications are permitted. Thus an Implementation Grant application may include institutions from more than one EPSCoR jurisdiction.

(2) EPSCoR-State/National Laboratory Partnership Grants

  • The EPSCoR-State/National Laboratory Partnership Grants are for a maximum period of three years. Subsequent funding is at the discretion of the relevant program at DOE and their competitive application process.
  • Maximum funding for these grants is $200,000 per year. Again NO state matching funds are required.
  • An individual may lead or serve as PI on one Partnership Grant application at a time. That individual may serve as a co-PI on other Partnership Grant applications.
  • PIs on current DOE grant awards are not eligible to serve as PIs on Partnership Grant applications. They may serve as co-PIs.
  • Multiple submissions per EPSCoR jurisdiction are permitted.
  • All project funds will be awarded to institutions within EPSCoR jurisdictions.

(3) DOE Office of Science Early Career Awards

  • Consideration is limited to applications received from academic institutions in EPSCoR jurisdictions to the DOE Office of Science Early Career Award FOAs.
  • The DOE Program Area/Office may nominate meritorious applications that would not have been otherwise funded for joint funding consideration with DOE EPSCoR on a funds available basis.
  • General information and investigator eligibility for the Early Career Award application process may be found at the Early Career Award website or the links therein.

OPEN EPSCoR Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

There are no open funding opportunity announcements at this time.

CLOSED EPSCoR FOAs (for reference only)

Implementation Awards (FY 2014 funding).

State/National Laboratory Partnership Awards (FY 2016 funding).

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