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Additional Requirements and Guidance for Digital Data Management

The following requirements and guidance provided by the Basic Energy Sciences (BES) program supplement but do not replace the requirements and guidance in the Office of Science Statement on Digital Data Management.

Program Requirements

BES does not have additional general guidance or requirements to the Office of Science Statement on Digital Data Management.


For FAQs that are not specific to BES please visit this page.

  1. I intend to archive the data generated by my BES-funded research at my home institution. Do I need to include a statement in my DMP that specifies the archive location?

    Yes. You must describe how, where, and for how long the data will be archived for access by others.

  2. I upload all my data to an SC facility for storage; do I still need to address archival storage in my DMP?

    Yes. You must comply with the SC Statement on Digital Data Management and, if necessary, obtain a letter of agreement from the appropriate SC facility. Please refer to the data management resources provided by the relevant facility.

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