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Ringing Atomic Bell Probes Electrons12.12.17Science Highlight

Ringing Atomic Bell Probes Electrons

Measured strong coupling of vibrations and electrons could lead to controlled magnetism and electronic properties. Read More »

Putting Molten History on the Map12.12.17Science Highlight

Putting Molten History on the Map

Focused x-ray beam revealed structural changes from laser heating, pinning down elusive melting point. Read More »

Is There Structure in Glass Disorder? 12.12.17Science Highlight

Is There Structure in Glass Disorder?

For one of the strongest known materials, calculations clarify a long-standing debate about how atoms pack together. Read More »

Bending a New Tool for Low Power Computing12.12.17Science Highlight

Bending a New Tool for Low Power Computing

Theory predicts that bending a film will control spin direction and create a spin current for next-generation electronics. Read More »

Molecular Mousetraps Capture More Nuclear Waste 12.12.17Science Highlight

Molecular Mousetraps Capture More Nuclear Waste

Cage-like molecules with internal chemical hooks remove three times more hazardous radioactive iodine compounds than current methods. Read More »

New Quantum Liquid Crystal—In the Driver’s Seat12.12.17Science Highlight

New Quantum Liquid Crystal—In the Driver’s Seat

Lasers reveal a new state of matter—the first three-dimensional quantum liquid crystal. Read More »

Chemical “Pressure” Tuning Magnetic Properties12.12.17Science Highlight

Chemical “Pressure” Tuning Magnetic Properties

Unexpectedly, a little chemical substitution stabilizes unusual magnetic phase of vortexes called skyrmions. Read More »

Stirring up a Quantum Spin-Liquid with Disorder12.12.17Science Highlight

Stirring up a Quantum Spin Liquid with Disorder

New, unexpected paradigm discovered: Disorder may actually promote an exotic quantum state, with potential for ultrafast computing. Read More »

Light Perfects Interfaces12.12.17Science Highlight

Light Perfects Interfaces

Shining light on a growing semiconductor modifies its interface with the surface and could improve the optical properties of each. Read More »

Making Polymer Chemistry Click11.29.17Science Highlight

Making Polymer Chemistry Click

Scientists unlock the key to efficiently make a new class of engineering polymers. Read More »

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