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Powering Up With a Smart Window05.23.18Science Highlight

Powering Up With a Smart Window

Window material repeatedly switches from being see-through to blocking the heat and converting sunlight into electricity. Read More »

Remnant Superconductivity From Invisible Stripes05.22.18Science Highlight

Remnant Superconductivity From Invisible Stripes

Scientists used an intense light to unveil hidden rivers that transport electricity with no loss. Read More »

Cracking the Code of Superconductivity and Magnetism05.22.18Science Highlight

Cracking the Code of Superconductivity and Magnetism

Neutron probes and theory reveal how electrons cooperate at lower temperatures. Read More »

Huge “Thermometer” Takes Temperatures of Tiny Samples05.09.18Science Highlight

Huge “Thermometer” Takes Temperatures of Tiny Samples

New spectroscopic technique measures heat in itty-bitty volumes that could reveal insights for electronics and energy technology. Read More »

Water, Water, Everywhere, but How Does It Flow?05.08.18Science Highlight

Water, Water, Everywhere, but How Does It Flow?

Scientists use new X-ray technique to see how water moves at the molecular level. Read More »

Worm-Inspired Tough Materials04.11.18Science Highlight

Worm-Inspired Tough Materials

Scientists mimic a worm’s lethal jaw to design and form resilient materials. Read More »

How to Turn Light Into Atomic Vibrations04.09.18Science Highlight

How to Turn Light Into Atomic Vibrations

Converting laser light into nuclear vibrations is key to switching a material’s properties on and off for future electronics. Read More »

Scientists Have Overestimated Meteor Sizes03.26.18Science Highlight

Scientists Have Overestimated Meteor Sizes

First demonstration of high-pressure metastability mapping with ultrafast X-ray diffraction shows objects aren’t as large as previously thought. Read More »

Small Poke—Huge Unexpected Response 03.20.18Science Highlight

Small Poke—Huge Unexpected Response

Exotic material exhibits an optical response in enormous disproportion to the stimulus—larger than in any known crystal. Read More »

Buckyball Marries Graphene02.28.18Science Highlight

Buckyball Marries Graphene

Electronic and structure richness arise from the merger of semiconducting molecules of carbon buckyballs and 2-D graphene. Read More »

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