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How to Turn Light Into Atomic Vibrations04.09.18Science Highlight

How to Turn Light Into Atomic Vibrations

Converting laser light into nuclear vibrations is key to switching a material’s properties on and off for future electronics. Read More »

Scientists Have Overestimated Meteor Sizes03.26.18Science Highlight

Scientists Have Overestimated Meteor Sizes

First demonstration of high-pressure metastability mapping with ultrafast X-ray diffraction shows objects aren’t as large as previously thought. Read More »

Small Poke—Huge Unexpected Response 03.20.18Science Highlight

Small Poke—Huge Unexpected Response

Exotic material exhibits an optical response in enormous disproportion to the stimulus—larger than in any known crystal. Read More »

Buckyball Marries Graphene02.28.18Science Highlight

Buckyball Marries Graphene

Electronic and structure richness arise from the merger of semiconducting molecules of carbon buckyballs and 2-D graphene. Read More »

Atomic Movies Explain Why Perovskite Solar Cells Are More Efficient02.28.18Science Highlight

Atomic Movies Explain Why Perovskite Solar Cells Are More Efficient

Tracking atoms is crucial to improving the efficiency of next-generation perovskite solar cells. Read More »

The Shape of Things to Come for Quantum Materials?02.28.18Science Highlight

The Shape of Things to Come for Quantum Materials?

Single sheets made of pentagons are proven to exist and uniquely combine promising electronic properties and air stability. Read More »

02.14.18Science Highlight

Self-Healing Damage at the Atomic Level

Simulations reveal that atomic disorder from radiation can launch a cycle of self-healing in ceramic oxides. Read More »

02.13.18Science Highlight

Defects and Surface Reactions Boost Batteries

Defect-enhanced transport and complex phase growth are changing design rules for lithium-ion batteries. Read More »

02.13.18Science Highlight

Working Night and Day

Day-night changes in light and temperature power a low-cost material assembly that mimics biological self-copying. Read More »

02.12.18Science Highlight

Squeezing Into the Best Shape

Gel uses nanoparticles for on-demand control of droplet shapes, of interest for energy storage and catalysis. Read More »

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