Archives of BES CRAs May 2006

The research portfolio of the Basic Energy Sciences (BES) program consists of distinct Core Research Activities (CRAs), which align with the BES organizational.pdf file (130KB) and budget structures.


FY 2005 Budget Authority, B/A, Dollars in Thousands

(from FY 2005 column of FY 2007 President's Budget Request )

All 24 CRAs.pdf file (1.1MB)

Chemical Sciences, Geosciences, and Biosciences Division

FY 2005CRA Title
16,627 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Science.pdf file (33KB)
32,946 Chemical Physics Research.pdf file (44KB)
30,446 Photochemistry and Radiation Research.pdf file (34KB)
33,067 Energy Biosciences Research.pdf file (31KB)
37,871 Catalysis and Chemical Transformations.pdf file (40KB)
15,490 Separations and Analysis.pdf file (40KB)
10,506 Heavy Element Chemistry.pdf file (28KB)
22,212 Geosciences Research.pdf file (33KB)
11,938 Chemical Energy and Chemical Engineering.pdf file (37KB)

Materials Sciences and Engineering Division

FY 2005CRA Title
24,907 Structure and Composition of Materials.pdf file (44KB)
14,008 Mechanical Behavior and Radiation Effects.pdf file (35KB)
25,551 Physical Behavior of Materials.pdf file (51KB)
15,149 Synthesis and Processing Science.pdf file (50KB)
5,306 Engineering Research.pdf file (33KB)
46,061 Neutron and X-Ray Scattering.pdf file (37KB)
41,024 Experimental Condensed Matter Physics.pdf file (32KB)
19,798 Condensed Matter Theory.pdf file (44KB)
46,860 Materials Chemistry.pdf file (41KB)
7,643 EPSCoR.pdf file (108KB)

Scientific User Facilities Division

FY 2005CRA Title
329,826 Neutron and X-Ray Scattering Facilities.pdf file (42KB)
113,060 Nanoscience Centers.pdf file (37KB)
7,614 Electron-Beam Microcharacterization.pdf file (21KB)
5,586 TEAM MIE.pdf file (31KB)
4,000 Accelerator and Detector >Research.pdf file (33KB)
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