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Strategic Projects—Status and Highlights

Integrative Genomics Building: Grade beam foundation concrete was installed in late June 2017. Below-slab utilities were completed, vapor barrier was installed, slab edge forms were constructed, reinforcing steel was placed, and the slab on grade concrete was poured in early October. Placement of concrete columns and shear walls will occur in late October and early November, respectively. This will be followed by the installation of shoring to support the construction of the second floor deck.

NERSC-9: The CM/GC is preparing instructions to bidders for the Facilities Enhancement portion of the project. Design has been issued for bid drawings and specifications packages currently in review. NERSC negotiations with the HPC vendor are in progress. The project is in CD-1/3A, with CD-2/3B scheduled for FY2018 Q2.

Old Town Demolition, Phase I: The volume of contaminated soil removed from the former Bldgs. 5, 16, 52, and 52A areas met the completion criterion for the Old Town Phase I Project. Other project completion criteria were also achieved, including removal and disposal of building floor slabs with detectable contamination. A few areas of localized soil contamination and many of the remaining slabs and abandoned utilities are being removed under separate phases of the Old Town Project, Phases III and IV, or under other projects. The areas that have been cleaned will be used during these upcoming project phases for waste packaging and material staging.

Old Town Demolition, Phase II:  The comprehensive characterization work plans for Buildings 4, 7/7C, and 14, and adjacent sub-slab soils, have been completed. The Project Team is evaluating the options for Phase II activities that will be possible in conjunction with the work being performed on other Old Town Project phases. Building 4 personnel have been relocated in preparation for field activities to begin. Fieldwork will begin with utility isolations, followed by the characterization of the building to determine the extent of hazardous materials such as lead, asbestos, and mercury that are present. The schedule for Phase II activities has not been finalized.

Old Town Demolition, Phases III/IV: Old Town Project Phases III and IV were developed to address the areas of localized soil contamination, along with portions of the remnant slabs and abandoned utilities, that remained upon completion of Phase I. Phase III field activities began in October 2017 and are scheduled to complete by December 2017. Phase IV field activities are planned to begin in November 2017 and complete by March 2018. The areas within and adjacent to Old Town will be needed during these project phases for waste packaging and material staging.

ALS HVAC Controls: Design for the HVAC controls systems for Buildings 6 and 80 is underway, as is the Building 37 HVAC controls installation. The contract for Building 34 VFD replacements and networking installation has been awarded; construction activities will commence in November 2017.

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