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Results of the 2010 Innovative Confinement Concepts .pdf file (16KB)(ICC) Solicitation

Awards under Program Notice DE-PS02-08ER08-08, "Theoretical Research in Magnetic Fusion Energy Science".pdf file (19KB).

Results of Program Notice PS02-07ER07-28.pdf file (14KB) entitled "Plasma Physics Junior Faculty Award Program".  July 23, 2008.
Awards under Program Notice DE-PS02-07ER07-07, "Theoretical Research in Plasma and Fusion Science"..pdf file (22KB)
Awards under Program Notices DE-PS02-07ER07-19, DE-PS02-07ER07-20, DE-PS02-07ER07-21, and DE-PS02-07ER07-22, "Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC)"..pdf file (16KB)
Awards under Program Announcement DE-PS02-07ER07-10, "Development of Diagnostic Systems for Magnetic Fusion Energy Sciences Experiments"..pdf file (17KB)
Results.pdf file (22KB) of the FY 2006 Theory Solicitation Program Notice DE-FG02-06ER06-07 entitled "Theoretical Research in Plasma and Fusion Science." Point of Contact is Dr. John Mandrekas
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