The Office of High Energy Physics staff consists of both federal employees and visiting physicists from national laboratories and universities. The federal employees are physicists, engineers and administrative staff. When federal positions in the Office of High Energy Physics become available, employment opportunities will be available online.

Visiting physicists get assigned to the office under the provision of the Intergovernmental Personnel ActExternal link. The purpose of these assignments is to provide mutual benefits to the government and other institutions. Most visitors bring technical expertise and hands-on experience in the field of high energy physics. Those interested in a visiting position should contact the relevant program manager.

Office of High Energy Physics — Organization Chart.pdf file (106KB)

Director's Line: 301-903-3624
Fax: 301-903-2597


James Siegrist (Associate Director) 301-903-3624
Sherry Pepper-Roby (Admin Specialist) 301-903-3624
Altaf Carim 301-903-9564

HEP Budget and Planning

Erin Cruz, 301-903-4815
Michelle Bandy, 301-903-6394
Alan Stone, 301-903-7998
Michael Cooke, 301-903-4140

International Agreements Program

Michael Salamon, 301-903-5106

Accelerator Stewardship

Eric Colby, 301-903-5475

HEP Operations

Kathy Yarmas, 301-903-3832

HEP Connections

Lali Chatterjee, 301-903-0435

Research and Technology Division

Glen Crawford, Division Director 301-903-4829
Janice Hannan, 301-903-4829
Christie Ashton, 301-903-0511
David Bogley, 301-903-1818
Andrea Peterson (AAS Fellow) 301-903-0903
Brian Morsony (AAS Fellow) 301-903-0900

Physics Research

Energy Frontier

Abid Patwa, 301-903-0408
Thomas LeCompte, (Detailee) 301-903-2718

Intensity Frontier 

Glen Crawford (acting), 301-903-4829
Michael Cooke, 301-903-4140
Kevin Flood,  (IPA) 301-903-0468

Cosmic Frontier 

Kathy Turner, 301-903-1759
Michael Salamon, 301-903-5106
Eric Linder (IPA), 301-903-7843

Theoretical Physics

William Kilgore, 301-903-3711
Simona Rolli, 301-903-0504

Research Technology

General Accelerator R&D

L.K. Len, 301-903-3233
John Boger, 301-903-4520
Eric Colby, 301-903-5475
Ken Marken, 301-903-2359

Detector R&D

Helmut Marsiske, 301-903-6989

Computational HEP

Lali Chatterjee, 301-903-0435 


Ken Marken, 301-903-2359

Facilities Division

Michael Procario, Division Director 301-903-4801 

Facilities Operations

Fermilab Complex

John Kogut, 301-903-1298

LHC Operations

Abid Patwa, 301-903-0408
Simona Rolli, 301-903-0504

Other Operations (SLAC/Other Labs)

John Kogut, 301-903-1298

Facilities Development


Bruce Strauss, 301-903-3705

Muon Accelerator Program (MAP)

Bruce Strauss, 301-903-3705

Instrumentation & Major Systems

ATLAS UpgradeSimona Rolli, 301-903-0504
CMS UpgradeSimona Rolli, 301-903-0504
DESIKathy Turner, 301-903-1759
FACET II -Ted Lavine, 301-903-6710
HL-LHC ATLAS -Simona Rolli, 301-903-0504
HL-LHC AUP -Simona Rolli, 301-903-0504
HL-LHC CMS -Simona Rolli, 301-903-0504
LBNF-DUNE -Bill Wisniewski (Detailee), 301-903-3715
LSSTcam Helmut Marsiske, 301-903-6989
LZTed Lavine, 301-903-6710
Mu2eTed Lavine, 301-903-6710
Muon g-2Ted Lavine, 301-903-6710
PIP-II –Mike Harrison (Detailee), 301-903-0902
SuperCDMS-SNOLAB Simona Rolli, 301-903-0504

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