Accelerator Stewardship

Workshop Reports

Workshop Reports and RFI Responses

Prior to undertaking the accelerator R&D stewardship task, two workshops were held to define the possible R&D opportunities (see Accelerators for America’s Future and Accelerator R&D Task Force). Since then, community input workshops and a Request For Information (RFI) have been held for potential stewardship topics in: Ion Beam Therapy, Laser Technology for Accelerators, and Energy and Environmental Applications of accelerators.

The workshop reports and RFI responses are available below:

Energy Environment Report Accelerator Science RFI

RFI responses.pdf file (20.6MB)

Lasers for Accelerators
Workshop on Ion Beam Therapy Report Accelerator Task Force Report

Appendices.pdf file (13.3MB)


Accelerators for Americas Future Report

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