Contractor Human Resources

Contractor Human Resources (CHR) is a vital component within the ISC that assists Office of Science’s line managers and Contracting Officers in their oversight responsibilities of contractor human resource programs. Contractor human resources costs are a significant portion of the overall operating budget for our laboratories and, in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations, the Contractor Human Resources team reviews the contractors’ programs for reasonableness, cost impact, market comparison, and potential long term liabilities to the DOE. Effective and efficient support has a direct impact on the funding available for essential mission support in Science programs.

Oversight functional areas supported include compensation, benefits, pensions, labor standards, labor relations, workforce restructuring, Management & Operating contractor assignments, work place substance abuse, source evaluation board support and risk management.

Primary Points of Contact (POCs)

Federal Subject Matter Experts Supporting Site Offices

Site Office Name/Phone
Ames Site Office (AMSO) Alesia Gant, (630) 252-1912
Argonne Site Office (ASO) Alesia Gant, (630) 252-1912
Berkeley Site Office (BSO) Lisa Carter, (865) 576-0141
Brookhaven Site Office (BHSO) Cory Johnson, (630) 252-2793
Fermi Site Office (FSO) Alesia Gant, (630) 252-1912
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Site Office (OSO) Laura Easterling, (865) 576-0662
Pacific Northwest Site Office (PNSO) Maurice Davis, (865) 576-0664
Princeton Site Office (PSO) Cory Johnson, (630) 252-2793
SLAC Site Office (SSO) Lisa Carter, (865) 576-0141
Thomas Jefferson Site Office (TJSO) Laura Easterling (865) 576-0662
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