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11.14.13From the Labs

Structure of Bacterial Nanowire Protein Hints at Secrets of ConductionExternal link

Electrically conducting bacteria important for energy, environment and technology. Read More »

11.13.13From the Labs

Iowa State, Ames Lab Engineers Develop Real-Time, 3-D Teleconferencing TechnologyExternal link

A pair of Ames Lab and Iowa State researchers have developed 3-D teleconferencing technology that's live, real-time and streaming at 30 frames per second. Read More »

11.12.13From the Labs

Brookhaven Lab researchers use history’s most successful matchmaker to pair up particles and create new materials with desired properties. Read More »

11.12.13From the Labs

Taking a New Look at Carbon NanotubesExternal link

Two of the biggest challenges in carbon nanotube research have been met with the development by Berkeley Lab researchers of a technique that can be used to identify the structure of an individual carbon nanotube and characterize its electronic and optical properties in a functional device.
Read More »

11.08.13From the Labs

MAGIC Takes a BowExternal link

As the Horizon Spirit sailed into port in Los Angeles at the end of September, the U.S. Department of Energy's ARM Climate Research Facility notched another milestone for climate science. Read More »

11.07.13From the Labs

New Director of the Joint Global Change Research Institute AnnouncedExternal link

The Joint Global Change Research Institute has announced its new director will be Ghassem Asrar, who brings experience to the institute from the World Climate Research Programme, NASA, USDA and academia. Read More »

11.06.13From the Labs

Cross-disciplinary collaboration including scientists from Argonne and Fermi national laboratories develops larger, more precise photodetectors for the market. Read More »

11.04.13From the Labs

South Pole Telescope Helps Argonne Scientists Study Earliest Ages of the UniverseExternal link

Utilizing the South Pole Telescope, researchers gain insights into the makeup of the early universe and what that means for us today. Read More »

11.04.13From the Labs

Crafting a Better Enzyme Cocktail to Turn Plants into Fuel FasterExternal link

Scientists looking to create a potent blend of enzymes to transform materials like corn stalks and wood chips into fuels have developed a test that should turbocharge their efforts. Read More »

11.01.13From the Labs

“Molecular Velcro” May Lead to Cost-Effective Alternatives to Natural AntibodiesExternal link

Berkeley Lab researchers take cues from nature in designing a programmable nanomaterial for biosensing. Read More »

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