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11.04.13From the Labs

South Pole Telescope Helps Argonne Scientists Study Earliest Ages of the UniverseExternal link

Utilizing the South Pole Telescope, researchers gain insights into the makeup of the early universe and what that means for us today. Read More »

11.04.13From the Labs

Crafting a Better Enzyme Cocktail to Turn Plants into Fuel FasterExternal link

Scientists looking to create a potent blend of enzymes to transform materials like corn stalks and wood chips into fuels have developed a test that should turbocharge their efforts. Read More »

11.01.13From the Labs

“Molecular Velcro” May Lead to Cost-Effective Alternatives to Natural AntibodiesExternal link

Berkeley Lab researchers take cues from nature in designing a programmable nanomaterial for biosensing. Read More »

10.31.13From the Labs

MAGIC Sea Voyage Ends, Journey to Decode Data BeginsExternal link

Scientists participating in a mission to collect data critical to climate modeling from aboard an oceangoing cargo vessel have started sifting through the data to figure out what they can learn from the measurements they've taken. Read More »

10.30.13From the Labs

First Results from LUX, the World’s Most Sensitive Dark Matter DetectorExternal link

The Large Underground Xenon experiment is helping scientists test candidates for the elusive and mysterious material. Read More »

10.29.13From the Labs

Office of Science Labs help their communities recover and rebuild after Superstorm Sandy. Read More »

10.28.13From the Labs

Killer Apps That Could Keep You HealthyExternal link

Student-developed mobile apps help keep you from getting sick. Read More »

10.25.13From the Labs

Berkeley Lab Researchers Get a Detailed Look at a DNA Repair Protein in ActionExternal link

Advanced research provides new insight into genome integrity and biological detection of mismatched DNA. Read More »

10.24.13From the Labs

Canfield Receives American Physical Society David Adler Lectureship AwardExternal link

Paul Canfield, scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory and Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Iowa State University, has been selected by the American Physical Society for the 2014 David Adler Lectureship Award in the Field of Materials Physics. Read More »

10.23.13From the Labs

Two new observation stations – in Alaska and the Azores – should reduce uncertainties and improve global climate models. Read More »

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