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12.13.13From the Labs

A New Material for Solar Panels Could Make Them Cheaper, More EfficientExternal link

A unique solar panel design made with a new ceramic material points the way to potentially providing sustainable power cheaper, more efficiently, and requiring less manufacturing time. Read More »

12.11.13From the Labs

Brookhaven Scientists Visit Argonne National Lab for Research on Lou Gehrig's DiseaseExternal link

Lisa Miller and Paul Gelfand, biophysical chemists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, recently visited the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory to supplement their research into the cause of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Read More »

12.09.13From the Labs

New Shielding is Designed to Put the Block on NeutronsExternal link

Scientists at Jefferson Lab have devised a system of products to stop neutrons and other particles before they can inflict harm on sensitive scientific equipment and computers. Read More »

12.06.13From the Labs

Tiny Drops of Hot Quark Soup—How Small Can They Be?External link

New analyses of deuteron-gold collisions at RHIC reveal that even small particles can create big surprises. Read More »

12.04.13From the Labs

Remembrances of Things Past: Berkeley Lab Researchers Discover Nanoscale Shape-Memory OxideExternal link

A research team at Berkeley Lab has discovered a way to introduce a recoverable strain into bismuth ferrite of up to 14-percent on the nanoscale, larger than any shape-memory effect observed in a metal. This discovery opens the door to applications in a wide range of fields, including medical, energy and electronics. Read More »

12.02.13From the Labs

Newly ID’d Protein Provides Target for Antibiotic-Resistant Hospital BacteriumExternal link

Researchers have made inroads into tackling a bacterium that plagues hospitals and is highly resistant to most antibiotics. They determined the 3-D structure and likely function of a new protein in this common bacterium that attacks those with compromised immune systems.
Read More »

11.27.13From the Labs

How Scavenging Fungi Became a Plant’s Best Friend

Glomeromycota is an ancient lineage of fungi that has a symbiotic relationship with roots that goes back nearly 420 million years to the earliest plants. More than two thirds of the world’s plants depend on this soil-dwelling symbiotic fungus to survive, including critical agricultural crops such as wheat, cassava, and rice. Read More »

11.26.13From the Labs

Lingering Clouds, Lasting AnswersExternal link

PNNL study shows why pollution results in larger, deeper and longer lasting storm clouds, leading to colder days and warmer nights. Read More »

11.25.13From the Labs

What happens at Oak Ridge National Lab and why does it matter?External link

Hear from the scientists themselves in this new video. Read More »

11.22.13From the Labs

Will 2-D Tin be the Next Super Material?External link

Theorists predict new single-layer material could go beyond graphene, conducting electricity with 100 percent efficiency at room temperature. Read More »

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