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09.06.13From the Labs

Berkeley Lab Puts a New Spin on ARPES, a 'Microscope' for ElectronsExternal link

New instrument described in this new video could see use in electronics, computing, and semiconductor industries. Read More »

09.05.13From the Labs

“Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Premiers “Star Power”External link

New video illuminates lab’s role in the pursuit of fusion power as a sustainable energy source. Read More »

09.04.13From the Labs

New Evidence to Aid Search for Charge 'Stripes' in SuperconductorsExternal link

Findings identify signature that will help scientists investigate and understand materials that carry current with no resistance. Read More »

09.04.13From the Labs

Shedding New Light on ‘Electron Highways’ in Carbon-based Solar CellsExternal link

Scientists at Brookhaven Lab and Stony Brook University hope to improve performance of innovative solar cells by mapping how electrons move through such devices. Read More »

09.03.13From the Labs

Dark Energy Survey Begins Five-Year Mission to Map Southern Sky in Tremendous DetailExternal link

World’s most powerful digital camera will explore the forces shaping the universe. Read More »

08.30.13From the Labs

ORNL-Grown Oxygen ‘Sponge’ Presents Path to Better Catalysts, Energy MaterialsExternal link

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a new oxygen “sponge” that can easily absorb or shed oxygen atoms at low temperatures. Read More »

08.29.13From the Labs

Ames Laboratory to Build Sensitive Instrument FacilityExternal link

New facility will allow scientists to study materials at the atomic scale and aid in their discovery and design of new ones. Read More »

08.29.13From the Labs

Size Matters as Nanocrystals Go Through PhasesExternal link

Berkeley Lab researchers at the Molecular Foundry reveal fundamental size-dependence of metal nanocrystals undergoing phase transitions. Read More »

08.26.13From the Labs

Computer Simulations Indicate Calcium Carbonate Has a Dense Liquid PhaseExternal link

Berkeley Lab research could help scientists predict how carbon is stored underground. Read More »

08.15.13From the Labs

New Twist in the Graphene StoryExternal link

Berkeley Lab researchers, working at the Advanced Light Source, have discovered that in the making of bilayer graphene, a tiny structural twist arises that can lead to surprisingly strong changes in the material’s electronic properties.
Read More »

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