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03.27.13From the Labs

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory achieves milestone, completing first part of heart of fusion experimentExternal link

Engineers and technicians at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have completed a crucial stage of the $94 million upgrade of the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX), the Laboratory’s major fusion project. Read More »

03.26.13From the Labs

Fake Shewanella reveals how bacteria breathe ironExternal link

Electrons conduct through bacterial proteins directly to minerals containing iron.
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03.22.13From the Labs

Berkeley Lab Researchers Use Metamaterials to Observe Giant Photonic Spin Hall EffectExternal link

Engineering a unique metamaterial of gold nanoantennas, Berkeley Lab researchers were able to obtain the strongest signal yet of the photonic spin Hall effect, an optical phenomenon of quantum mechanics that could play a prominent role in the future of computing.
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03.21.13From the Labs

Building the Massive Simulation Sets Essential to Planck ResultsExternal link

Using NERSC supercomputers, Berkeley Lab scientists generate thousands of simulations to analyze the flood of data from the Planck mission. Read More »

03.20.13From the Labs

Breakthrough Research Shows Chemical Reaction in Real TimeExternal link

Menlo Park, Calif. — The ultrafast, ultrabright X-ray pulses of the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) have enabled unprecedented views of a catalyst in action, an important step in the effort to develop cleaner and more efficient energy sources. Read More »

03.08.13From the Labs

Long Predicted Atomic Collapse State Observed in GrapheneExternal link

Berkeley Lab researchers recreate elusive phenomenon with artificial nuclei. Read More »

03.07.13From the Labs

Final Magnet Girders Installed at NSLS-IIExternal link

With painstaking precision, Brookhaven engineers aligned and delivered the final magnet girders needed to focus the near-light-speed electron beam at NSLS-II. Aligning the magnets to within the width of a hair took years of planning, an incredibly skilled team, and surprisingly, a simple piece of wire. Read More »

02.28.13From the Labs

Engineering Bacterial Live WiresExternal link

Berkeley Lab scientists discover the balance that allows electricity to flow between cells and electronics. Read More »

02.26.13From the Labs

New Opportunities for Crystal GrowthExternal link

Berkeley Lab Facility Provides Unique Capabilities for the Synthesis of New Crystals and Materials. Read More »

02.21.13From the Labs

Searching for the Solar System’s Chemical RecipeExternal link

Berkeley Lab’s Chemical Dynamics Beamline points to why isotope ratios in interplanetary dust and meteorites differ from Earth’s. Read More »

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