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03.07.13From the Labs

Final Magnet Girders Installed at NSLS-IIExternal link

With painstaking precision, Brookhaven engineers aligned and delivered the final magnet girders needed to focus the near-light-speed electron beam at NSLS-II. Aligning the magnets to within the width of a hair took years of planning, an incredibly skilled team, and surprisingly, a simple piece of wire. Read More »

02.28.13From the Labs

Engineering Bacterial Live WiresExternal link

Berkeley Lab scientists discover the balance that allows electricity to flow between cells and electronics. Read More »

02.26.13From the Labs

New Opportunities for Crystal GrowthExternal link

Berkeley Lab Facility Provides Unique Capabilities for the Synthesis of New Crystals and Materials. Read More »

02.21.13From the Labs

Searching for the Solar System’s Chemical RecipeExternal link

Berkeley Lab’s Chemical Dynamics Beamline points to why isotope ratios in interplanetary dust and meteorites differ from Earth’s. Read More »

02.20.13From the Labs

A Cyclotron’s Long Journey HomeExternal link

One of the world’s first working circular particle accelerators returns to Berkeley Lab—75 years later. Read More »

02.20.13From the Labs

Synthetic molecule first electricity-making catalyst to use iron to split hydrogen gasExternal link

Fast and efficient biologically inspired catalyst could someday make fuel cells cheaper. Read More »

02.15.13From the Labs

Proof: Cosmic Rays Come from Exploding StarsExternal link

Menlo Park, Calif. — A new study confirms what scientists have long suspected: Cosmic rays – energetic particles that pelt Earth from all directions – are born in the violent aftermath of supernovas, exploding stars throughout the galaxy. Read More »

02.13.13From the Labs

Help Choose the Next Iconic "Big Science" ImageExternal link

Vote for your favorite photo among the stunning submissions from the world's top physics facilities, including the Office of Science's Brookhaven Lab and Fermilab. Read More »

02.12.13From the Labs

"Fermilab: Science at Work" DocumentaryExternal link

"Fermilab: Science at Work" is a new 40-minute documentary from Clayton Brown and Monica Long Ross, makers of the PBS film "The Atom Smashers." It follows ten Fermilab scientists as they try to solve the mysteries of the universe. You can watch the entire film online now. Read More »

02.08.13From the Labs

ORNL scientists solve mercury mystery, Science reportsExternal link

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Feb. 7, 2013 — By identifying two genes required for transforming inorganic into organic mercury, which is far more toxic, scientists today have taken a significant step toward protecting human health. Read More »

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