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05.03.17From the Labs

FIONA to Take on the Periodic Table’s HeavyweightsExternal link

A new tool at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) will be taking on some of the periodic table’s latest heavyweight champions to see how their masses measure up to predictions. Read More »

05.03.17From the Labs

Origin of Milky Way’s Hypothetical Dark Matter Signal May Not Be So DarkExternal link

Galaxy’s excessive gamma-ray glow likely comes from pulsars, the remains of collapsed ancient stars according to a new analysis by an international team of astrophysicists, including researchers from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Read More »

05.02.17From the Labs

Mountain Clouds: From Rain Makers to Snow MakersExternal link

Researchers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Colorado State University found that mountainous, water-ice (a.k.a. mixed-phase) clouds have a dual response when injected with numerous tiny pollution particles. Read More »

04.28.17From the Labs

Unexpected Damage Found Rippling Through Promising Exotic NanomaterialsExternal link

Scientists have developed a new method to probe three-dimensional, atomic-scale intricacies and chemical compositions with unprecedented precision. The breakthrough technique—described February 6 in the journal Nano Letters—combines atomic-force microscopy with near-field spectroscopy to expose the surprising damage wreaked by even the most subtle forces. Read More »

04.27.17From the Labs

Study Offers New Theoretical Approach to Describing Non-Equilibrium Phase TransitionsExternal link

Two Argonne physicists offered a way to mathematically describe a particular physics phenomenon called a phase transition in a system out of equilibrium (that is, with energy moving through it) by using imaginary numbers. Read More »

04.26.17From the Labs

Berkeley Lab Scientists Discover New Atomically Layered, Thin MagnetExternal link

It may not seem like a material as thin as an atom could hide any surprises, but a research team led by scientists at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) discovered an unexpected magnetic property in a two-dimensional material. Read More »

04.21.17From the Labs

Predictive Power: CASL aids startup of TVA’s Watts Bar Unit 2External link

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Lab carried out the largest time-dependent simulation of a nuclear power plant to date, confirming engineers’ predictions related to the safe and reliable operation of the Watts Bar Unit 2 (WB2) nuclear power plant. Read More »

04.21.17From the Labs

Rare Supernova Discovery Ushers in New Era for CosmologyExternal link

With the help of an automated supernova-hunting pipeline, developed by Berkeley Lab astrophysicists, and a galaxy sitting 2 billion light years away from Earth that’s acting as a “magnifying glass,’’ astronomers have captured multiple images of a Type Ia supernova—the brilliant explosion of a star—appearing in four different locations on the sky. Read More »

04.20.17From the Labs

A Real CAM-Do AttitudeExternal link

A team of researchers, including one from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, used supercomputing to understand processes leading to increased drought resistance in food and fuel crops. Read More »

04.20.17From the Labs

Changing the gameExternal link

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Lab unlock hardware's hidden talent for rendering 3D graphics for science — and video games. Read More »

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