John M. LaBarge, Director
Email: john.labarge@science.doe.gov
Phone:(202) 586-5447





Russell Ames

Program Analyst & Field Coordinator

Lab Planning Process, LDRD, Conference Management, General Questions

(202) 586-1082

Stephanie Barnes

Budget Analyst

Conference Management

(202) 586-0798

Carolyn Brown

Executive Staff Assistant

SCMS, Administrative Issues

(202) 586-5447

Steve Jones

Senior Procurement Advisor

SC Head of Contracting Activity & M&O Contracting Issues

(202) 287-1448

Jennifer Kelley

Management Analyst

Directives Point of Contact for SC

(301) 903-0337

Chadsey Kittock

Procurement Analyst

SC Head of Contracting Activity & M&O Contracting Issues

(202) 586-4047

David E. Koegel

Program Analyst

Lab Appraisal Process, SC Technology Transfer, General Questions

(202) 586-8831

Diana P. Ngo

Program Analyst

Strategic Partnership Projects

(202) 586-1860

Margaret A. Triassi

Contractor Human Resource Specialist

Contractor Human Resources

(202) 586-3965

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