Nano Mag Flux Lines BNL

Color-enhanced image of magnetic flux lines around individual nickel nanodots.  (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

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Zach Teitler, now an associate professor of math, was on the championship team for Albany High School in the 1993 National Science Bowl®.04.17.17Profile

Champions in Science: Profile of Zach Teitler

For the run-up to the 2017 National Science Bowl® Finals April 27 to May 1, this is the last profile in a series on previous NSB competitors. Read More »

Left to right, in the back: Si Hwang Chin, Peter Chan, Renee Landrum. Front row: coach Penny Sconzo, Susan Born, and Shireen Haque with their 1994 National Science Bowl® trophy.04.10.17Profile

Champions in Science: Profile of Shireen Haque

For the run-up to the 2017 National Science Bowl® Finals April 27 to May 1, this is the third in a series of four profiles on previous NSB competitors. Read More »

Depiction of giant virus acquiring genes from different eukaryotic host cells. 04.06.17User Facility

Discovered: Novel Group of Giant VirusesExternal link

Giant viruses appear to have evolved from smaller viruses (not from cells) based on presence of nearly complete set of translation-related genes. Read More »

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04.21.17From the Labs

Predictive Power: CASL aids startup of TVA’s Watts Bar Unit 2External link

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Lab carried out the largest time-dependent simulation of a nuclear power plant to date, confirming engineers’ predictions related to the safe and reliable operation of the Watts Bar Unit 2 (WB2) nuclear power plant. Read More »

04.21.17From the Labs

Rare Supernova Discovery Ushers in New Era for CosmologyExternal link

With the help of an automated supernova-hunting pipeline, developed by Berkeley Lab astrophysicists, and a galaxy sitting 2 billion light years away from Earth that’s acting as a “magnifying glass,’’ astronomers have captured multiple images of a Type Ia supernova—the brilliant explosion of a star—appearing in four different locations on the sky. Read More »

04.20.17From the Labs

A Real CAM-Do AttitudeExternal link

A team of researchers, including one from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, used supercomputing to understand processes leading to increased drought resistance in food and fuel crops. Read More »

Science Highlights

04.20.17Science Highlight

Deciphering Material Properties at the Single-Atom Level

Scientists determine the precise location and identity of all 23,000 atoms in a nanoparticle. Read More »

04.20.17Science Highlight

Smallest Transistor Ever

Atomically flat materials used to fabricate the world’s smallest transistor. Read More »

04.20.17Science Highlight

Creation of Artificial Atoms

Controlling electrons in graphene opens a new path to potential electronic devices. Read More »

Presentations & Testimony


DOE Office of Science Update.pdf file (6.3MB)

DOE Office of Science Director Cherry Murray provides an Office of Science Update at the March 2016 Meeting of the American Physical Society.


FY 2017 President’s Budget Request for DOE’s Office of Science.pdf file (7.0MB)

DOE Office of Science Director Cherry Murray presents the details of White House FY 2017 budget request.


Statement of Patricia Dehmer, Acting Director of the Office of Science, Before the House Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy & Water Development.pdf file (60KB)

Acting Director Patricia Dehmer discusses the President’s FY 2016 Budget Request for the Office of
Science in the Department of Energy (DOE).