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University of Alabama at Birmingham 10.21.16University Research

Working Under Pressure: Diamond Micro-Anvils Made by UAB Will Produce Immense Pressures to Make New MaterialsExternal link

University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers will use tiny nanocrystalline-diamond anvils to produce pressures greater than those found at the center of the Earth to potentially create as yet unknown new materials. Read More »

University of Miami 10.21.16University Research

UM Researchers Study Vast Carbon Residue of Ocean LifeExternal link

Researchers at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science used data collected over the past 15 years to advance the understanding of massive ocean carbon reservoir and its impact to marine food web. Read More »

10.20.16User Facility

Unraveling the Science Behind Biomass BreakdownExternal link

A team led by Jeremy Smith, a University of Tennessee (UT)–ORNL Governor’s Chair and the director of the UT–ORNL Center for Molecular Biophysics (CMB), used computer simulations to uncover the chemical reaction that helps break down biomass for biofuel. Read More »

10.20.16User Facility

Cancer's Big Data ProblemExternal link

Researchers at Argonne, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National Laboratories are using the DOE supercomputers and sophisticated computational models to find patterns in large datasets of cancer data, seeking to understand key protein interactions, predict drug response and automate patient information extraction to inform treatment strategies. Read More »

Minnesota University 10.20.16University Research

University of Minnesota Receives Major U.S. Department of Energy Grant to Study Next Generation of MaterialsExternal link

The grant will be used to study materials at the most fundamental level that could improve important technologies including data storage, superconductors, fuel cells, and electrical power plants. Read More »

University of Texas at Austin 10.20.16University Research

UT Researchers Help Search for Theoretical ParticlesExternal link

University of Texas at Austin researchers are hunting for an elusive subatomic particle called "neutrinos" after unexpected experimental results left the physics community puzzled. Read More »

Michigan University 10.20.16University Research

A Window Into Battery Life for Next-Gen Lithium CellsExternal link

A team of researchers at the University of Michigan are studing dendrites, whiskers of lithium that grow inside batteries and can cause fires like those in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that are the bane of next-generation lithium batteries. Read More »


Sarah Cousineau: Accelerating the Field of Physics, LiterallyExternal link

Physicist Sarah Cousineau oversees beam physics research efforts creating neutrons for scientific research at the SNS accelerator at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and she oversees the next generation of physicists at the nearby University of Tennessee. Read More »

10.19.16From the Labs

Ames Laboratory Scientists Gain Insight on Mechanism of Unconventional SuperconductivityExternal link

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory and partner institutions conducted a systematic investigation into the properties of the newest family of unconventional superconducting materials, iron-based compounds. Read More »

Oklahoma University 10.19.16University Research

OU Researchers Develop Novel, Non-Invasive Cancer Therapy Using Targeted Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesExternal link

The University of Oklahoma photothermal therapy is most effective against shallow or surface tumors in breast, bladder, esophageal and melanoma cancers, without the adverse side effects of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Read More »

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