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Columbia University 04.19.17University Research

Columbia Engineers Invent Method to Control Light Propagation in WaveguidesExternal link

A team of Columbia Engineering researchers, led by Applied Physics Assistant Professor Nanfang Yu, has invented a method to control light propagating in confined pathways, or waveguides, with high efficiency by using nano-antennas. Read More »

04.18.17From the Labs

Study on Impact of Climate Change on SnowpackExternal link

An international team of scientists, including one from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), has found that up to 20 percent loss in the annual maximum amount of water contained in the Western United States' mountain snowpack in the last three decades is due to human influence. Read More »

04.18.17User Facility

Dustin Leverman: A Unique Route to HPC SystemsExternal link

Leverman is the HPC storage system administrator for the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF), a DOE Office of Science User Facility located at ORNL. He spends his days assisting users with performance problems and ensuring reliability of the day-to-day operations of the file system, which contains information generated by the OLCF’s flagship supercomputer, Titan. Read More »

04.18.17From the Labs

Tweaking a Molecule's Structure Can Send it Down a Different Path to CrystallizationExternal link

Insights into crystallization pathways gained by scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory could eventually design of a variety of products with more predictive control over the design and assembly of biomimetic materials. Read More »

04.18.17Science Highlight

Developing Tools to Understand Lithium-Ion Battery Instabilities

Enabling study of interface thickness evolution on high-capacity battery electrodes. Read More »

Connecticut University 04.18.17University Research

UConn Grad Student Headed to Brookhaven LabExternal link

Daniel Hoying has received the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science Graduate Student Research Award for his work in high energy physics. Read More »

University of Wisconsin-Madison 04.18.17University Research

Termite Gut Holds a Secret to Breaking Down Plant BiomassExternal link

In the Microbial Sciences Building at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the incredibly efficient eating habits of a fungus-cultivating termite are surprising even to those well acquainted with the insect’s natural gift for turning wood to dust. Read More »

University California Davis 04.18.17University Research

Pattern Discovery over Pattern Recognition: A New Way for Computers to SeeExternal link

Jim Crutchfield, who leads the UC Davis Complexity Sciences Center, along with physics graduate student Adam Rupe and postdoc Ryan James, is designing new machine learning systems to allow supercomputers to spot large-scale atmospheric structures, such as hurricanes and atmospheric rivers, in climate data. Read More »

04.17.17User Facility

How X-rays Pushed Topological Matter Research Over the TopExternal link

While using X-rays generated by the Advanced Light Source (ALS), a synchrotron facility at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), to study a bismuth-containing thermoelectric material that can convert heat into electricity, physicist M. Zahid Hasan of Princeton University spawned a revolution in materials research. Read More »

Zach Teitler, now an associate professor of math, was on the championship team for Albany High School in the 1993 National Science Bowl®.04.17.17Profile

Champions in Science: Profile of Zach Teitler

For the run-up to the 2017 National Science Bowl® Finals April 27 to May 1, this is the last profile in a series on previous NSB competitors. Read More »

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