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10.18.17Science Highlight

Tiny Tornados at the Dawn of the Universe

Swirling soup of matter’s fundamental building blocks spins ten billion trillion times faster than the most powerful tornado, setting new record for “vorticity.” Read More »

10.18.17Science Highlight

Heavy Quarks Probe the Early Universe

New studies of behaviors of particles containing heavy quarks shed light into what the early universe looked like in its first microseconds. Read More »

10.18.17User Facility

Exascale and the CityExternal link

The Argonne-led Multiscale Coupled Urban Systems project aims to help city planners better examine complex systems, understand the relationships between them and predict how changes will affect them. Read More »


The U.S. Department of Energy Issues Small Business Research and Development Funding Opportunity AnnouncementExternal link

The Phase I Release 1 FOA, with approximately $23 million in available funding, will allow small businesses to submit applications to establish the technical feasibility of new innovations that advance the mission of the Office of Science. Read More »

10.18.17User Facility

Oak Ridge Supercomputer Helps Solve Decades-Long Mystery in Fusion PhysicsExternal link

The same fusion reactions that power the sun also occur inside a tokamak, a device that uses magnetic fields to confine and control plasmas of 100-plus million degrees. Under extreme temperatures and pressure, hydrogen atoms can fuse together, creating new helium atoms and simultaneously releasing energy. Read More »

Princeton University 10.18.17University Research

Spotting the Spin of the Majorana Fermion Under the MicroscopeExternal link

Researchers at Princeton University have detected a unique quantum property of an elusive particle notable for behaving simultaneously like matter and antimatter. The particle, known as the Majorana fermion, is prized by researchers for its potential to open the doors to new quantum computing possibilities. Read More »

Michigan State University 10.18.17University Research

MSU Students Selected for Department of Energy Graduate Student Research ProgramExternal link

Two Michigan State University graduate students, Crispin Contreras-Martinez and Roy Ready, have been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy for its 2017 Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program. Read More »

New York University 10.18.17University Research

Scientists Log Newfound Understanding of Water’s Responses to Changing TemperaturesExternal link

A team of chemists has uncovered new ways in which frozen water responds to changes in temperature to produce novel formations. Its findings have implications for climate research as well as other processes that involve ice formation—from food preservation to agriculture. Read More »

Vanderbilt University 10.18.17University Research

Filling the Early Universe with Knots Can Explain Why the World is Three-DimensionalExternal link

An international team of physicists has developed an out-of-the-box theory that shortly after it popped into existence 13.8 billion years ago the universe was filled with knots formed from flexible strands of energy called flux tubes that link elementary particles together. Read More »

10.17.17User Facility

ESnet’s Science DMZ Design Could Help Transfer, Protect Medical Research DataExternal link

A group of researchers led by Sean Peisert of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) wrote that the Science DMZ architecture developed for moving large data sets quick and securely could be adapted to meet the needs of the medical research community. Read More »

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