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Indiana University 04.10.17University Research

Research Links Decline in Hemlock Forests to Changes in Water ResourcesExternal link

An insect infestation that is killing hemlock trees in New England forests is having a significant impact on the water resources of forested ecosystems that provide essential water supplies to one of the nation's most populous regions, according to research by Indiana University geographers and colleagues at three universities in Massachusetts. Read More »

Left to right, in the back: Si Hwang Chin, Peter Chan, Renee Landrum. Front row: coach Penny Sconzo, Susan Born, and Shireen Haque with their 1994 National Science Bowl® trophy.04.10.17Profile

Champions in Science: Profile of Shireen Haque

For the run-up to the 2017 National Science Bowl® Finals April 27 to May 1, this is the third in a series of four profiles on previous NSB competitors. Read More »

Arizona State University 04.10.17University Research

X-Ray Study Reveals Long-Sought Insights Into Potential Drug TargetExternal link

Wei Liu and his colleagues at ASU’s Biodesign Institute, along with a team led by Haitao Zhang and Vadim Cherezov of USC have examined one promising drug target in luminous detail, using a device known as an X-ray free electron laser, or XFEL. Read More »

University California Merced 04.10.17University Research

Research Shows Global Photosynthesis on the RiseExternal link

University of California Merced scientist Elliott Campbell and an interdisciplinary, international team of scientists discovered a chemical record of global photosynthesis, by analyzing the gases trapped in layers of Antarctic snow. They estimate that the sum of all plant photosynthesis on Earth grew by 30 percent over the 200-year record they captured. Read More »

04.07.17From the Labs

Scientists at PPPL Further Understanding of a Process that Causes Heat Loss in Fusion DevicesExternal link

Secondary electron emission - or SEE - cools the edge of plasma in tokamaks and dampens its overall performance; physicists working with the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory recently advanced their understanding on how SEE is affected by different wall materials and structures. Read More »

04.07.17User Facility

Scientists Watch a Molecule Protect Itself from Radiation DamageExternal link

To increase their understanding of excited state proton transfers in DNA and other molecules, scientists at the LCLS at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory looked at the bonds between atoms neighboring nitrogen and confirmed that optical light breaks the nitrogen-hydrogen bonds. Read More »

Princeton University 04.07.17University Research

Artificial Topological Matter Opens New Research DirectionsExternal link

An international team of researchers have created a new structure that allows the tuning of topological properties in such a way as to turn on or off these unique behaviors. The structure could open up possibilities for new explorations into the properties of topological states of matter. Read More »

University of South Carolina 04.07.17University Research

Securing the FutureExternal link

University of South Carolina chemistry researcher Hans-Conrad zur Loye's work has culminated in the creation of the Center for Hierarchical Waste Form Materials, which will develop storage materials that can contain nuclear waste for thousands of years. Read More »

Carnegie Institution for Science 04.07.17University Research

To E-, or not to E-, the Question for the Exotic “Si-III” Phase of SiliconExternal link

New work led by Carnegie’s Tim Strobel and published in Physical Review Letters shows that one form of silicon, called Si-III (or sometimes BC8), which is synthesized using a high-pressure process, is what’s called a narrow band gap semiconductor. Read More »

04.06.17User Facility

Computer Simulations of DIII-D Experiments Shed Light on Mysterious Plasma FlowsExternal link

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) and General Atomics have simulated a mysterious self-organized flow of the superhot plasma that fuels fusion reactions. Read More »

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