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Northwestern University 01.27.17University Research

New Design Strategy for Longer Lasting BatteriesExternal link

Christopher Wolverton, professor of materials science and engineering in Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, has developed a new computational design strategy that can pinpoint optimal materials with which to coat the cathode in lithium-ion batteries, protecting it from degradation and ultimately extending the battery’s — and device’s — life. Read More »

North Carolina State University 01.27.17University Research

Manganese Oxides in Treatment System Could Be Mixed BlessingExternal link

Researchers at North Carolina State University found that a fungal catalyst can oxidize manganese, creating oxides which have a large affinity for metals thus creating a passive treatment to remove micro-pollutants out of water. Read More »

Montana State University 01.27.17University Research

MSU Scientist Wins $1.2 Million Federal Grant to Improve Camelina Seed QualitiesExternal link

A Montana State University scientist has received a $1.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science to research ways to improve the usefulness of camelina, an ancient crop that the modern world has come to value as a potential source of alternative fuel. Read More »

01.26.17Science Highlight

Keep ’Em Separated

The metal-organic framework NU-1000 allows separation of toxic furanics from sugars, which is necessary for efficient ethanol production. Read More »

01.26.17User Facility

Taking Materials into the Third DimensionExternal link

To create more efficient catalysts and separation devices, scientists would like to start with porous materials with controlled atomic-scale structures as random defects can hamper performance. At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a team created a one-pot method that produces complex, highly oriented three-dimensional pore structures. Read More »

01.26.17User Facility

Connecting the BytesExternal link

Computer scientist Ramakrishnan Kannan has created a distributive machine learning tool – which collects and sorts enormous amounts of data in a fraction of the time of other methods – through a project funded by ORNL’s laboratory directed research and development program. Read More »

01.26.17From the Labs

Fermilab Achieves Milestone Beam Power for Neutrino ExperimentsExternal link

Thanks to recent upgrades to the Main Injector, Fermilab’s flagship accelerator, Fermilab scientists have produced 700-kilowatt proton beams for the lab’s experiments. Read More »

01.26.17Science Highlight

Creating Bionic Enzymes

Scientists replace iron in muscle protein, combining the best aspects of chemical and biological catalysts for enhanced production of chemicals and fuels. Read More »

01.26.17Science Highlight

More Steps, Faster Results

New method lets supercomputers model key details of greenhouse gases and molecules relevant to automobile combustion. Read More »

01.26.17Science Highlight

Pure as the Driven X-Ray

Seeding x-ray free electron lasers with customized electron beams produces incredibly stable laser pulses that could enable new scientific discoveries.

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