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University of Wisconsin-Madison 03.28.17University Research

Enzyme Structures Illuminate Mechanism Behind Bacteria’s Bioremediation ProwessExternal link

Scientists from the Department of Biochemistry and Department of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have solved the structure of an enzyme caught in the act of attacking toluene — a chemical derived from wood and oil. Read More »

03.27.17From the Labs

WSU Grad Students and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – A Winning CombinationExternal link

Twelve doctoral candidates have been selected to participate in the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Washington State University Distinguished Graduate Research Program that will put them to work in the lab to gain valuable and relevant research experience. Read More »

Washington State University 03.27.17University Research

New Way to Characterize Cellulose, Advance BioproductsExternal link

Researchers at Washington State University Tri-Cities and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have found a new way to define the molecular structure of cellulose, which could lead to cheaper and more efficient ways to make a variety of crucial bioproducts. Read More »

Albuquerque Managing City Attorney Jenica Jacobi is a volunteer and a former competitor at the National Science Bowl®.03.27.17Profile

Champions in Science: Profile of Jenica Jacobi

For the run-up to the 2017 National Science Bowl® Finals April 27 to May 1, this is the first in a series of profiles on previous NSB competitors. Read More »

03.24.17User Facility

Chemists ID Catalytic 'Key' for Converting CO2 to MethanolExternal link

Chemists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory and their collaborators just released results from experiments and computational modeling studies that definitively identify the “active site” of a catalyst commonly used for making methanol from CO2. Read More »

03.24.17User Facility

Coming Together, Falling Apart and Starting Over, Battery StyleExternal link

A new device, designed at PNNL using EMSL, shows what happens when electrode, electrolyte and active materials meet in energy storage technologies. Read More »

Michigan State University 03.24.17University Research

From the Lab to the World: Solving Big Problems in Agriculture and EnergyExternal link

The Kramer lab at Michigan State University has unveiled a sophisticated, user-friendly, and cheap scientific instrument to measure plant health and photosynthesis parameters. Read More »

Fermilab members of the CMS collaboration traveled to CERN to help install the pixel detector into the CMS detector. 03.24.17User Facility

A New Gem Inside the CMS DetectorExternal link

Scientists and engineers at Fermilab and 21 U.S. universities have been assembling and testing a new pixel detector to replace the current one as part of the Compact Muon Solenoid upgrade. Read More »

Carnegie Institution for Science 03.24.17University Research

Argon is not the “Dope” for Metallic HydrogenExternal link

Researchers from the Carnegie Institute of Science, Uppsala University and the University of Chicago found that argon-doped hydrogen stayed in its molecular form even up to the highest pressures, unable to force hydrogen into a superconductive, metallic state. Read More »

03.23.17User Facility

Ultrafast Measurements Explain Quantum Dot Voltage DropExternal link

Solar cells and photodetectors could soon be made from new types of materials based on semiconductor quantum dots, thanks to new insights based on ultrafast measurements capturing real-time photoconversion processes. Read More »

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