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Dayton University 05.02.17University Research

A Step Toward MarsExternal link

A highly successful test of a prototype power generator at the University of Dayton Research Institute bodes well for NASA's plans to expand its exploration of Mars with the next rover mission. Read More »

Students from Massachusetts and California win DOE’s 27th National Science Bowl®. 05.02.17Announcement

Students from Massachusetts and California win DOE’s 27th National Science Bowl®External link

Students from Lexington High School in Lexington, Massachusetts and Joaquin Miller Middle School in San Jose, California won the 2017 U.S. Department of Energy National Science Bowl® Monday in Washington, D.C. Read More »

05.01.17Science Highlight

Casting a Wide Net

Designed molecules will provide positive impacts in energy production by selectively removing unwanted ions from complex solutions. Read More »

05.01.17Science Highlight

Finding the Correct Path

A new computational technique greatly simplifies the complex reaction networks common to catalysis and combustion fields. Read More »

04.28.17Science Highlight

New Software Tools Streamline DNA Sequence Design-and-Build Process

These enhanced tools will accelerate gene discovery and characterization, vital for new forms of fuel production. Read More »

04.28.17Science Highlight

Getting the Ice Right in Global Models

Aircraft data show that ice particles are smaller and fall faster than models had assumed; correcting this issue in models improves simulation of deep, raining cloud systems. Read More »

04.28.17User Facility

Special Delivery: First Shipment of Magnetic Devices for Next-Gen X-Ray LaserExternal link

The first shipment of powerful magnetic devices for a next-generation laser project arrived at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory on Wednesday after a nearly 3,000-mile journey from a factory in New York to California in a customized delivery truck. Read More »

04.28.17From the Labs

Unexpected Damage Found Rippling Through Promising Exotic NanomaterialsExternal link

Scientists have developed a new method to probe three-dimensional, atomic-scale intricacies and chemical compositions with unprecedented precision. The breakthrough technique—described February 6 in the journal Nano Letters—combines atomic-force microscopy with near-field spectroscopy to expose the surprising damage wreaked by even the most subtle forces. Read More »

04.28.17Science Highlight

Unraveling the Mysteries of Arctic Clouds

Data from three Arctic measurement sites show how clouds, temperature, and water vapor impact the Arctic surface energy budget, which could enhance future warming and sea ice melt. Read More »

04.28.17Science Highlight

Groundwater Flow Is Key for Modeling the Global Water Cycle

Water table depth and groundwater flow are vital to understanding the amount of water that plants transmit to the atmosphere. Read More »

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